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Today’s Review: KFC’s Corn Cobette

By Areviewaday
Everyone has their own favorite side at KFC. I’ve heard a lot of opinion skewed towards the gravy, but the coleslaw is good too. Once upon a time, my favorite was the corn cobette. I have no idea why, maybe I had no other corn cobs to compare it to. But going back and having one today made me realize the error of my ways.
The KFC corn cobette is a small, perfectly formed cylinder of corn. Uniform rows of golden sweet corn, but while they look great, the taste is something else entirely. A good corn on the cob should crunch, the KFC one squidges. It seems like they pump it full of water to get those corn pieces looking nice and juicy. The result is something that sort of tastes like a cob of corn, but is mostly just liquid. Besides, good luck even getting to the biting stage, I don’t know which storage units KFC uses, but every corn cobette I’ve received is hotter than the surface of the sun. After waiting an eon for it to cool down you’d at least expect it to taste great. But no, it’s just not nice. Stick with the gravy, friends.
My rating: 1/5

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