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Today's Review: KFC Dirty Louisiana Burger

By Areviewaday
Today's Review: KFC Dirty Louisiana Burger
I look forward to the KFC promo burgers, and while the Christmas offering wasn't their best, it was a pretty bold idea. I would expect them to turn to something more traditional, but instead we've got the Dirty Louisiana, a monster of a burger that combines a whole heap of stuff. There's the chicken fillet, obviously, the classic hash brown, and two slices of cheese, we've seen that before. But amongst these layers lie not one, not two, but three sauces. There's the classic Supercharger, a "deluxe" BBQ, and a pepper mayo. You know what else is in here? Gherkins, because why not? Oh, and it's all topped off with a new style of bun. 
KFC could probably have stretched those new elements out into two or three burgers, but they've gone all in, and it's worth it. This is a beast of a burger, and it tastes great. I figured the three sauces would be a bit much, but they all work pretty nicely together. The supercharger provides the spice, the BBQ adds a smoky element, and the mayo is creamy with a lovely peppery kick. Gherkins in a chicken burger seemed a bit of an odd addition, but they give a bit of crunch and a satisfying tang on top. All layered on top of a substantial piece of fried chicken and a nice hash brown. The bun is good too, a good soft texture that brings it all together. I'm glad I tried this out as early as I could, it means I can get a few more in before it goes away, and I suggest you do the same.
My rating: 5/5

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