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Today's Review: Birthday Party Oreos

By Areviewaday
Today's Review: Birthday Party Oreos
I tend to get unnaturally excited when I see a new variety of Oreos, especially if they're a UK release of a flavor I've always wanted to try but could never paying the inflated import prices. I was especially excited when I saw these in Asda, as I figured they were a much more reasonable 50p version of the Birthday Cake Oreos that have tempted me for so long. Why they changed the name, I wasn't sure, until I looked at the description and realised that they're not the same. I mean, I know what birthday cakes taste like, but apparently birthday parties taste like Oreo cookies with a caramel flavoured creme.
There are also some sprinkled in here apparently, lending to the birthday theme, but I couldn't find any as I was making my way through. After thoroughly studying the description I realised why. These Oreos consist of 29% caramel creme, and 0.14% sprinkles. Yes, 0.14%. Construing that 0.14% into the 29% of creme results in approximately... bugger all sprinkles in any of these Oreos. Why did they even bother? They should have just marketed these as caramel Oreos, and even then these aren't particularly great. They're sweet, yes, but a little too sweet, and the caramel isn't exactly authentic, it's got a bit of a funny taste. Still, it's a different kind of Oreo, so worth experiencing for 50p a pack. I'm just so disappointed in the lack of birthday cake.
My rating: 2/5

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