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Today’s Blind Items – Tragedy From Almost Day One

Posted on the 29 November 2017 by Sumithardia

Today’s Blind Items – Tragedy From Almost Day One

One of the more tragic stories in Hollywood has never really been shared before. This actress was the “it” actress. Just a few movies, but you could tell she was going to be a huge star. I blame a few people for her death. The first in line is her father who started having sex with her when she was about 10. When she started fighting him off and refusing to have sex with his friends in her mid-teens, the police chief, who was also raping her on a weekly basis threw her in jail.How she ever managed to achieve anything after that is pretty amazing. Hollywood is probably not the place she needed to be to get better. It was a place to get drugs though. Good ones. She was really good at self medicating.Her first film was also her introduction to the casting couch. The director of her first two movies told her in no uncertain terms he expected her to have sex with him every day and not just one time to get the part. As long as she continued to sleep with him, she would keep working.In that first movie, two permanent A list musicians got her drunk or drugged her and then while she was passed out, raped her.Later, when she finally called it quits with the director, this permanent A list mostly movie director made her pretend she was a teenager while they had sex before he would cast her. Apparently his significant other at the time found out about it and our actress was warned off seeing the director again as if she wanted to.Her boyfriend at the time of her death verbally abused her and made her life miserable. He wanted her to leave, but instead, she killed herself.
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