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Today’s Blind Items – Paying To Be Assaulted

Posted on the 18 October 2017 by Sumithardia

Today’s Blind Items – Paying To Be Assaulted

How do you ensure a steady supply of casting couch women and even men? Well, if you are this A list mostly movie actor from an acting family who I wrote about within the past week you and your friend start charging for classes. Ostensibly these classes would be for you as an artist to master your craft. What you were really doing was getting a bunch of crap instruction from an unqualified bunch of substitutes while the more attractive women were plied with drugs and booze before attempting to have sex with them. If the women didn’t want sex, job opportunities on the productions of our A lister were scarce. If you had sex with him and his friend who ran the class then you would be steadily working for as long as you were having sex. Stop having sex and there was someone else paying their money to have a chance for sex.The friend of the A lister is an actor. Meh credits. The only things you really know him from are things with the A lister. Some recurring on television shows. Foreign born. He shared the same taste in women as his A list actor friend. Teens. Almost legal or barely legal. These guys are twice the age of the students that were paying to be taught.This went on for years. This was not a one time class or a semester. This was years and years of abuse. The people who were supposedly in charge, not only knew, but enabled as much as possible. This was a huge money maker for them. There was a special room used to have sex with the students and had a special cleaning team assigned to it so it was always ready. Recently, everything was shut down. Not gradually, but abruptly. Why? Apparently some of the women who were subjected to a lot of abuse over the years got together while on the set of this three word movie which will never be released and shared stories. They have also started talking lawsuits which is why everything went bye bye in a hurry. 
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