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Today’s Blind Items – Himmmm

Posted on the 22 November 2017 by Sumithardia

Today’s Blind Items – Himmmm

#1 – This actress (B list mostly television actress who can’t get work after her hit show) was heard saying, direct quote: “I’m so pissed about all these feminists hags bitching about casting couches! Like anybody would rape half of them – and yeah, like (A- list mostly television actress/former beard) would have to be raped. Please! B**ch is a walking mattress. What’s fucked up is that now all these guys are so scared that I can’t even get a f**king call-back to suck a guy off for a role! Maybe I enjoy masturbating in an office for a part! They ever think about THAT?? Where’s my rights?”.#2 – This celebrity offspring model-actress-whatever of two stars is in bad shape. Like dangerous, trainwreck type of bad shape. After being asked to take a break from college, by the college, due to her partying/drugs/sex, she needs lots of help, prayers, and rehab.Last year she was affiliated with a high-price escort service run by a sleazy paparazzi agent (who uses bottled water ads as a catalog of available girls). The so-called “Fashion Water” is a front company who lists this always broke rapper as a spokesman and co-owner. A real co-owner is this momager herself. Most if not all the models posing in these water company ads are available for a price. Including this sister of this ex-Disney actress turned escort.Our beautiful young celebutante raised eyebrows when she posted her modeling shoot for the water company all over her social media last year. Now, her drug use spiraling out of control, she’s gone back to some of her ex-sorority sisters trying to get them to join her “career”. The daughter clearly doesn’t need the money or connections for fame. Maybe she’s following in the footsteps of her Dad’s ex-girlfriend.  The girl is certainly following both parents’ footsteps of drug abuse that has nearly killed them both over the years.  She’s gone from All-American goddess, California Girl cheerleader to coke-addicted escort.  And is still not yet 21. 
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