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Today’s Blind Items – Family Killer

Posted on the 27 November 2017 by Sumithardia

Today’s Blind Items – Family Killer

What do you do if you think you are the best in the family, but are just second best? Well, if you are this permanent A list musician you abuse your sister until she ultimately died. When the sister was about 12, her brother started sexually abusing her. He had a history of abusing other members of his extended family and to have someone so close in proximity led to her being abused on almost daily basis. The parents knew about it but would do anything for their son and sad as long as the daughter was not hurt that it was fine.When the daughter wanted to go out on a date at 13, the parents said no because it would make the brother jealous. When she was in her mid teens and in a band trying to get signed. Her brother passed her out to record executives like candy. If an executive complained that the teen was not enthusiastic, the brother would beat her and make her do it again. At around that same time, the brother met this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who was A+ list then and now. He promised the brother some songs in an upcoming movie in exchange for having sex with the sister for a weekend. He also promised the brother about $10K in drugs. Apparently the sister almost overdosed that weekend and the actor, along with the A+ list producer who seemingly will never die filmed her having sex with men and women including Sharon Tate. Roman Polanski was at this party and remembers having sex with the sister but doesn’t remember the filming.The brother continued to have sex with his sister for years and years while getting her more and more hooked on drugs. He verbally abused her and told her she would never amount to anything. He made her give him most of her money that she earned with the group. When she announced she had a boyfriend, her brother beat her and raped her for days.Within two years she was dead and as her brother forced her to do, signed over everything to him before she died. 
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