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Toblerone Milk Chocolate Review: Weird Block Change!

By Kev A @kevvieguy
toblerone milk chocolate
Today's review isn't for a new product, although it may as well be...not content with making Dairy Milk's blocks curved and altering the recipe, Mondelez have had the audacity to alter Toblerone's 150g Milk Chocolate bars.
toblerone milk chocolate
On the plus side they don't appear to have changed the actual recipe, but what they have changed is...
toblerone milk chocolate
The blocks! I was very surprised when I bought this bar in Tesco recently, I don't often buy Toblerone but on this occasion I fancied a change. I'd heard the rumours that Mondelez were reducing the size, but I never thought they'd do it in such a ridiculous way.
toblerone milk chocolate
I mean just look at the distance between those blocks! It hardly looks like the same bar any more.
toblerone milk chocolate
The base layer of chocolate is of course much thinner and the wider gaps are to give the illusion that the bar is still the same width. But did they really think no one would notice should a blatant design change?!
What's worse is that it doesn't just change the bar aesthetically, it makes the blocks a lot harder to eat and you're likely to get a sore mouth unless you nibble the base layer off before eating the triangular block.
toblerone milk chocolate
I certainly struggled with this and it was a real pain to eat. The chocolate tastes as nice as ever but the design is just stupid, why they couldn't have just reduced the width is beyond me...yes people would notice it, but it would be a lot less ridiculous than this.
Luckily, from what I've heard this change only affects the 150g bars (which used to be 170g) but not the larger ones.
It seems like Mondelez are getting quite a track record now for messing things up. There's been the Creme Egg recipe change, the Dairy Milk shape change, the Dairy Milk recipe change (that they won't admit to but we've all noticed), and even that time when they replaced Bournville's in Cadbury Heroes with Toblerone. What next? I'm sure we won't have to wait long to find out!

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