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To Those with Clipboards, Ink Pens and a Cause…

By Ceemac126 @PGCBlogging
After disembarking from the subway, I hustled it across the street toward my office building.  A young, snarky, Robert Pattinson wannabe was standing on the corner between me and my day job asking people to sign up for some save the world cause that requires I stop and sign his petition.  It’s 7:45am and I’m headed to work so I tried to be polite and said, “No. I’ve got to get to work.” 
Dude waits until I’m about 10 steps away and says, “Oh be honest. You don’t want to sign up to…”  Before he could get out what his cause was, I had to address this little snot nosed, over-indulged wimp.   Image: tungphoto /
“I was honest.  Don’t question my honesty.  Everyday is a bad day for that.” 
To all of the people who stand on street corners or pound the pavement looking for signatures of support for whatever human rights, environment, or civic matter is at your forefront: I AM NOT OBLIGATED TO INCLUDE YOU IN MY DAY!!!  If I decide not to stop for your bumber sticker, press on to the next person and don’t become rude or confrontational. It was your decision to enter the world of constant rejection by signing up for this “job”.  
I will not have my honesty assailed by self-righteous youth who haven’t struggled long enough in anything to warrant an attitude.

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