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To The DNForum Guy: No Domaing Is Not Going To End

Posted on the 14 February 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

Admittedly I’m not a forum kind of guy.

Except for Ricks old Board, I don’t go into forums nor do I participate in them.

The only time I notice them is if someone links to a post to the forum on my blog, or if some Tweets something that catches my eye, which is in fact what happened last night when I read a Tweet saying Domaining is Going to End.

The Tweet linked to a post in of which I’m bought a lifetime membership to a lifetime ago.

So here is how the post appeared on and my comments follow:

“”Domaining is going to it’s end”

“We all can agree that it’s most profitable time is definitely gone.”

“No we are playing with leftovers…

Sedo (we all know it’s largest marketplace) is parked more than 13.000.000 (year ago it was more than 17.000.000) domain names and they sell per month less than 3500 domain names.

So who is earning money in domaining today ??

Registrars, registrars, registrars, Schilling, registrars. Now only the strongest will survive. Only the top of the food chain.

The biggest players are starting offline businesses because they had realized that domaining is going to fall.

But Rome didn’t fall in just a day, it took years and that’s same with domaining.

Just open your eyes, I feel like I’m the only one writing to General Domain Name Discussion in the last 3 months.

It’s like nobody else is alive after zombie apocalypse. Domaining had turned from earning big money to people trying to flip their sh#tty domain name for $20, Flippa is earning a lot of money and it’s all fueled by dumb people trying to find some easy way to make money but they will loose it in 99.99999999% cases.

GoDaddy’s Superbowl spots were just brainwashing for poor desperate people whose biggest dream is to have a Ferrari and Godaddy had created illusion that they can achieve it if they will register their “BigIdea” and with .co ending……dotCO (!!!!!) , everybody in the domain industry knows that it’s just big marketing bubble. .Co is priceless….

Look at selling threads here on the forum ! It’s like people selling everything for $20 or $50…and they can be lucky to get that $50…time of flipping domain names fast is now resting in peace in 2008…now it’s 2013, everything is different.

We can survive only by getting to the top of food chain as fast as possible.…

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