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To All the Corporate Shills Who Read This Blog...

Posted on the 06 March 2014 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
To all the corporate shills who read this blog...Dear corporate shills, and WAR WORLD soldiers, I've seen your links arriving here from your worldwide offices and consoles. What are you doing? Seriously, what's the point in you being here, on this blog, reading this crap?You're not going to learn anything.It's not for you.  Please, just leave.Click onto another website/blog.Clear your cache of visited websites.And never come back. In fact, I can't save any of you. You realize that, right? Whether you're a corporate shill or just someone who thinks they understand whatever the fucking hell I'm supposed to be ranting about all day long. You have to do that all on your own i.e. save yourselves, if you can. There's no amount of Free Planet persuading will break your corporate WAR WORLD conditioning. You're right, I'm wrong. Sorry, that's how it is. Real chaaange can only come from within. And many (many) just don't want that. Back to work, slaves. Bye now.

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