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Tired Of Getting Nailed At The Net On The Return Of Serve? [VIDEO TIP]

By Jen Campbell @TennisLife_Mag

Tired Of Getting Nailed At The Net On The Return Of Serve? [VIDEO TIP]

Have you noticed that in some matches, when your partner is serving and you're at the net (or vice versa), that you constantly get nailed by your opponent's return? What can you do?

Last week, one of our followers left a comment asking for advice on how to maintain an aggressive court position on the return of serve when their opponent consistently targets the player at the net.

In this scenario, unless the player at the net has very quick hands, the result is more often than not in favor of the opponent. So, first, you must relieve the pressure on the player who is struggling. Try serving to the opponent's weaker side (probably the backhand); however, if they can also pound her with that return, then have your partner back up a few steps to "No Man's Land". This way, she is no longer a direct target, and she can still come in and cover the short balls. Second, make sure that you and your partner keep the return away from the opponent at the net, and then both of you close in to the net together.

So basically you're only giving up the aggressive court position for one shot!

My goal is to give all of you the tips and tools you need to be the best tennis players you can be, so if you need help with your game, DON'T BE SHY! Tell me about it in the comments section below and I'll address it in a future video! Also, be sure and share my posts with your tennis friends, and connect with me onand Youtube!

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