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Tired Light... HC Unit Theory... Big Bang Bunkum.

By Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Tired light... HC Unit theory... Big Bang bunkum.think about it... what if LIGHT GETS TIRED i.e. what if the structure of light 'wanders' towards the red as it travels for millenia through space?
What if RED SHIFT has nothing to do with the universe moving away from itself at near-to light speeds (for relatively distant viewers) because of some BIG BANG 'explosion' causing all hydrogen and helium ever to exist?
What if RED SHIFT has everything to do with the distance the light has travelled, over which light just gets 'tired'. I mean, as much as Corporate Science is out there promoting their Creationist Moment...
I concocted a 'fundamental universal particle' in 1985-6 for a fake-science article in Dementia13 magazine (Pam Creais ed) that I called the Hertzan Chimera Unit or HC Unit, hence the fiction-writing pseudonym I used for a number of years "Hertzan Chimera".
The universe is composed of these spinning HC Units and we only ever see the excess from their interactions. A 'spinning turbulence focus' between two areas of the universe, is the best way to put it. Inherent to this construct are 'linked lines of HC Units make atoms' and 'electromagnetic radiation' is the universe settling a debt at c towards the source via Universal Equilibrium - wave-particle 'photons' don't (need to) exist.
If light (i.e. U.E.) does 'get tired' as it travels through space, this shows a) the speed of light is the 'speed of elasticity of the universe' and b) the fabric of the universe is not stable over long periods of time. The ENTIRE STRUCTURE OF THE UNIVERSE might actually BE radioactive in the microwave energy region where Big Bang-ists like to find the 'echo of their Creationist Moment'.

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