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Tips to Take Care of Your Sunflowers

By Simon Crowther @prestigeflower

Tips to take care of your sunflowers

Sunflowers are gorgeous summer blooms and you only need a few stems to make a great statement. As cut flowers, they should last for at least one week. Provided, of course, that you take proper care of them. Here are some essential tips to keep these blooms fresher for longer.


If you have sunflowers growing in your garden, it's important to know when to pick them. Cut them from the plant when they are almost open. It's a good idea to plan ahead and water the plants thoroughly the day before you plan on picking the blooms. Keep a bucket of fresh water nearby so that you can place them directly in clean water once you cut them. Like any other flower, you should pick them early in the morning and keep your water bucket in the shade.

Conditioning and arranging

Whether you pick sunflowers yourself or order them online, you will need to condition these blooms as soon as you take them inside. Prepare your vase with water and a flower preservative before you begin. Remove any lower leaves that could end up below the waterline in the vase. Recut the stems of each flower and do so at an angle. Place each flower directly in the vase once the stems are cut so that they don't get dehydrated. Take a look at your bouquet and reposition any stems as needed.

Maintain your bouquet

Keep an eye on your sunflowers on a daily basis. Check the water level as well as the quality of the vase water. Top up and replace the vase water as needed. You might need to recut the stems every few days to keep the ends of the stems fresh and clear of any bacteria. Keep your bouquet out of the sun and away from any fans or air conditioners.

These tips will help enjoy your sunflowers for as long as possible. The best part about these blooms is that you can create a beautiful bouquet with just a few stems and you don't even need any other flowers or foliage to complete the display.

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