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Tips to Minimize Exposure to Coronavirus COVID-19

By Golfforbeginners

Tips to Minimize Exposure to Coronavirus COVID-19

Golf is alive and well in Myrtle Beach as this is one of the only outdoor sports which requires no group participation to have fun and where fist pumps (not necessarily "bumps") are the norm!

According to an email that I received, there are a few tips which golfers (and all of us) can practice to avoid the spread of Coronavirus - COVID-19.

Golf Tips to Minimize Exposure and Spread of Coronavirus (aka COVID-19):

    At tee boxes, fairways and greens, practice "social distancing" by keeping six feet or more from others whenever possible;
    Replace handshakes with other celebratory gestures that don't involve the use of your hands, like "elbow bumps" or "shoe bumps";
    Frequently use hand sanitizer;
    Refrain from handling the golf clubs of other players in your group.

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