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Tips to Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

Posted on the 24 October 2012 by Mirchimart @Chilbuli_Guide

Today almost all the Business officials have Laptops but they are having the problems with battery life of their laptops which can affect their work. Earlier Laptops had 2-3 hrs battery life but now big companies are investing heavily on design of the their laptops’ battery life. A modern laptop has battery life upto 5-6 hours. Here we have written some tips to improve battery life of your Laptop.

  1. Lower your screen Brightness: Your battery levels are on higher levels when you are playing games, watching movies but after removing charger from your laptop, it works on your battery and the high brightness reduces battery life of the laptop. We must lower the brightness of the laptop while it is running on battery although lower brightness would cause inconvenience but you will end up being able to work longer on your laptop.
  2. Defragmentation of your Laptop: Regular defragmentation of your laptop’s hard drive will tidy up all your files. Therefore making laptop processor to work less to retrieve data to perform, thus this helps in sustaining battery life.
  3. Prevent scheduled tasks from running on battery power: Your virus scanner and disk defragmenter, along with auto updates from the likes of Apple and Google, are scheduled to run themselves on a regular basis—often without your knowledge or consent. Set these tasks to run only on AC power.
  4. Unplug external devices: Have a USB device plugged into your laptop that you aren’t using? Get it unplugged! Each device that you plug in is drawing power from your laptop’s battery. If you can live without your USB peripherals until you are able to plug your laptop into a power outlet then you’ll reap the rewards.
  5. Hibernate instead of sleep: Many people put their computer or laptop to sleep once they are finished using it, but did you know that sleep mode will only turn off the hard drive and the display? Your CPU is still working (although it does slow down) and your memory remains active, which both lead to reducing battery life. A better technique would be to put your laptop into “hibernation” which will save Windows’ current state but will completely shut down therefore saving that extra bit of battery life.

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