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Tips to Increase Traffic on Your BLOG

Posted on the 03 May 2013 by Abhinavblog

Tips to Increase Traffic on your BLOGNow, the first question that the subject of the article raises is “what is the need to increase traffic of any BLOG?” The answer lies in the statement that says “The value of a blog is known by the  variety of traffic it draws on every day basis”. Now if an advertiser enquires about your blog to post his/her advertisement and he realizes that the traffic flow on your site is not good then he/she would not want to spend un-necessary bucks on advertising on a site where less people would get familiar with their products. The point here is that if you own a blog, then you need traffic to gain momentum and keep it optimized to make money online.

Few Ways to increase traffic on your BLOG

  • One should Write Well and Write Often.  This frequent updating of your blog with constructive content is a major step to build one’s blog’s audience. It is the quality of content that would attract visitors more than anything else. It should be made sure that while writing blog you have something meaningful to say to audiences.
  • Social Media Promotion

Yes, it’s in! And hence, is the most appropriate way of increasing traffic on one’s site. Social media, by far, is one of the best, most effective and cheapest methods of increasing traffic on one’s blogs. If you don’t have your account on social media sites like Face book, Pinterest, Twitter,  StumbleUpon, LinkedIn etc. then you should create one and start promoting your  blog  posts  on  these sites.

  • On-Page SEO (content related)

On-page SEO is of vital importance because search engine bots index the blog and rank the WebPages. Some aspects concerned with on-page SEO are addition of H1, H2, H3 characteristics, making links either no-follow or do-follow, addition of ‘alt’ tag to images, then addition of Meta description and spotting on one keyword.

  • Off-Page SEO (addition of other features)

Off-page SEO encompasses actions undertaken to append weight age to the main blog so as to increase higher search engine rankings.

  • Guest Blogging Influence

There were rumours of Google devaluing the authority  of  guest blogs, but oppose to that the trend has got stronger even if webmasters have become stricter  with accepting  guest blogs. Particularly the Guest blogs published on high power blogs can easily give supplementary 350-400 visits to any site. The trick actually is to keep working on guest blogs incessantly.

  • Networking

Again, a very significant but underutilized means of increasing blog traffic is networking with other bloggers. Networking with bloggers in all niches is exceptionally mandatory.  It helps build the loyalty, audience base and trademark as well.

The above mentioned procedures can surely increase the traffic on your blog. One may calculate the same by noting the average traffic of the previous month and then following the plan religiously for 30days and calculate the average traffic again. The differences will surely be seen.

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