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Tips to Improve Your Life Instantly in Few Days

By Julia Fernandes @appshub

Have you ever had the feeling that, what the hell, why is my life so boring? There is nothing to do which makes the day special and overall you are getting a kind of feeling that you are getting old but on ground the fact is that you are still young and enthusiastic for every happiness. Such like patches come in our life and there is no special reason for that. In most of the cases life becomes dull without any cause because you yourself are the reason.

Tips to Improve Your Life Instantly in Few Days

Steps to Improve Your Life Instantly

There can be several tips to improve your life which can instantly make you happier within a couple of days or maximum a couple of weeks. Now all depends on your will power that how much interest you are going to take in following these steps to make some real, positive and healthy changes in your life.

Wake Up Early in the Morning

Some of you might be thinking to close the window just after reading this heading but I ask you to wait for a while. Human body is naturally designed to wake up early in the morning and your body metabolism improves once you follow proper sleep timings. There can be many stories to convince you to wake up early but the most important thing which everyone must keep in mind is the law of nature. Night is made to sleep and day is for work. Over a period of many decades we have devised new things including a night life culture which has reduced our sleep hours at night. This results in either lack of sleep or sleeping till late hours in the morning. Nowadays if you ask someone to wake up early on Sunday he will certainly take your sentence as a joke. You will have to cut down your night activities in order to wake up early which is a very difficult task for any youngster. At least for trial sake do it for few days to spice up your life.

Tip: Make a routine, try to wake up early as you used to do once you were in school. [Read: 7 Reasons Why You Should Become Early Riser]. Do not even miss Sundays, you will feel a definite and positive change in yourself. Your body and mind will be altogether fresh and you will find yourself happy and smiling with strength all day long. Choice is yours, if you want to wake up early and think that it is the most difficult thing in your life, no problem we have a solution for it here, [ Tips to Wake Up Early].

Start Some Exercise and Physical Activity

I never meant that you should only wake up early in the morning and then start watching TV. Go out for some physical activity. Best thing is that you must go for some jogging followed by exercise if possible, otherwise at least go for a walk initially. Once you will move out, breathe fresh air in the morning, half of your troubles are going to vanish. After coming back from outdoor activity you will be feeling more relaxed and fresh especially after taking shower. This exercise can be done in the evening as well but at least go outside for sometime in the morning also.

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If you were good in sports once in college, you should not find any problem in adjusting with people of same type anywhere around you. Sports is the best physical activity as you exert more and do not feel.

Get More Social

As the life is becoming easier we tend to relax. We used to meet our friends a decade back but now we prefer to say hello through social networks. If you want to improve your life, be social and priority is to interact with people as much as possible. Go out and have fun with friends, even if they don't want, take them out for dinner. This is what you used to do few years back but now there is no more interest in all this stuff. Those people who pass a very fast life initially, they tend to get irritated after joining their professions or after their marriage once there is nothing else to do other than taking care of family and kids. These are your priorities but give a little attention to your friends also.

Even if you are not from the above category, making more interaction with old or new friends will let you think better. If you were living under a rock, and still want to continue, there is an option of social networking. This is a list of top social networking websites from all over the Internet where you can easily find lost and old friends. Even try to make new friends and share ideas, you will feel better than watching TV only.

Tip: Think over it that who was the friend with whom you have passed the happiest time of your life. If you find one, just knock his door and refresh old memories.

Stop Thinking About Money - You Cannot Get Everything in Life

We get tired running after money, success and everything one wants to have in life and still keep running without

Tips to Improve Your Life Instantly in Few Days
realizing the fact that everything cannot be yours. These failures are the worst as there is nothing more important than earning money. At times people who have money, want success, those who have success want to be famous like celebrities so there is no end to wishes. I don't mean that you should give up and forget about dreams in life, but the point is that you should realize what you can get and what is beyond you. Earlier you realize, earlier you will be satisfied with your life.

You must have seen cases where a very fat girl wants to become a model or slim smart guy with no strength wants to become wrestler. Be composed and realize your limits. Do not let yourself frustrate over less money, just be happy and go ahead.

Preconceptions Deeply Affect Our Attitudes, Behavior and Social Beliefs

Forget About any Sad Incident from the Past

If you still have memories of your Ex boyfriend or Ex girlfriend due to which you always feel that you have lost interest in life, it is the time to shake yourself up and gear up for a new start. If you have his / her photo with you, just take out lighter and burn it on a good morning. The dark side is that it is very difficult to forget about such like incidents in our life especially in case you love someone. There can be some other cases as well which have molded your life from a lively person to just a time passing creature.

Some damages in life cannot be repaired and the only solution is to forget them as early as possible. There are some tips which can help you in forgetting your loved one to further move on in life. How to Mend a Broken Heart After Break up in 6 Ways.

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After reading all the above points I am sure you must be thinking these are more to keep you busy and less to improve life but in longer term if you notice, people who keep themselves busy (up to a logical extent) always remain happy in life. Most of the people fall ill once they have nothing to do. There is no physical cure for your psychological problem, so these points will make your life beautiful in a few days to come. Must leave some feed back if we have helped you out in making your life wonderful.

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