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Tips to Help You Improve Your Flirting in Person Or Online

By Tapang786

Flirting, for some it comes naturally, for others it can be a painful experience but it doesn’t have to be. We give you some tips on how you can improve your technique and impress your crush whether it’s face to face or online.

1. Play to your strengths

Whether you are naturally very funny or a little bit quirky, play to your strengths.

Do – Have your best funny one-liners ready to respond to a Snapchat or Instagram post or drop one in when you are chatting. Show them you are playful and have a humorous side.

Don’t – Make every line a funny one-liner, it soon gets very boring. They will want to see that you can be serious when you need to be and not the class joker all the time.

2. Start by practicing flirting online

If you aren’t very good at the whole face-to-face flirting game then try and do it online. It may take some practice at first but you should soon get more comfortable with it.

Do – Choose your moments wisely. If they are asking you out on a date don’t reply with banter. If they were nervous about asking you out it may kill the moment.

Don’t – Think too long and hard about it. Being a master of online flirting is great but when it comes to your first date, you may have over-egged your skills.

3. Play it cool

While responding to every Snapchat or Instagram update that they post you might start to look a little like a stalker. Watch from afar and just pick your moment to comment on something that should spark a response.

Do – Wait for the right post and then like it and add a comment. If they respond then you can start a direct message. Who knows – it may lead to them asking you out on a date or you asking them.

Don’t – Stalk their story waiting for them to post an update and react the moment it appears. If you are the first person to like every update then you are going to start to scare them off. It’s not good to look to keen.

4. Make the first move

While playing the cat and mouse game of flirting can be fun, there comes a point when it is time to ask the other person out on a date. Now you may be enjoying the chase but why not be the one to make the first move and be bold?

Do – send them a flirty message asking them if they want to check out a new movie or grab a coffee. Be spontaneous and don’t take too long to think about it.

Don’t – make your message too serious/thought out. If you are going to be bold and make the first move it needs to be that kind of message that if they say no it’s not going to appear to them like you will be crushed. Keep it light and flirty.

Have fun

Flirting, chasing, and wondering what might happen is half the fun of the dating experience. If it is all-consuming and leaves you in a cold sweat how can that be fun? Don’t take yourself too seriously and make sure you enjoy it.

If they aren’t interested there will be others that are so don’t waste your time on those that aren’t worth it. Besides if they think you aren’t interested it will make them all the more so.

Tips to Help you Improve Your Flirting in Person or Online

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