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Tips To Help Keep Your Antique Jewellery Safe When Not Wearing It

By Dr.jenifer Sayyed @SayyedJenifer

For jewelry to be classed as an antique, it needs to be at least one hundred years old. If you want it to stay in your family for the next hundred years, you will need to take excellent care of it. 

Failing to take care of your jewelry can lead to it getting damaged. You will also need to clean it more regularly.

Below are some tips to follow that can help you take care of your jewelry and ensure it is in excellent condition for the next generation to enjoy.

Store Your Antique Jewellery Out Of Direct Sunlight

You will want to avoid leaving your jewelry in direct sunlight, as this can damage it. The heat and sunlight can tarnish metals and make them lose their shine, and sunlight can also damage natural pearls.

Rather than leaving your jewelry on your dressing table, you will want to have somewhere to store it that does not leave it exposed to direct sunlight.

As tempted as you may be to showcase the jewelry you have, keep it clear of your dressing table and get yourself a quality jewelry box.

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Buy Yourself A Jewellery Box

It is worth investing in a quality jewelry box to store your jewellery, which will help keep it safe. You can even consider buying an antique jewelry box to match with it.

Many companies sell different variations, such as those you can get from the trusted dealer Kalmar Antiques in Sydney.

 jewelry box

The jewelry box will help keep the dust and sunlight from your jewelry and help keep it in excellent condition, so it is always ready to be worn.

You will need to ensure that there is enough space in your jewelry box, and depending on how much jewelry you have, you may need to get more than one.

Store Your Jewellery Items Separately

Whether you purchase a jewelry box or not, whatever you store your jewelry in, you will need to keep each item separate from the others.

It can help to stop necklaces and bracelets from getting tangled together and help prevent excessive wear.

It does not only go for antique jewellery, but any jewelry that you have. It is an excellent idea to invest in little felt pouches for each piece of jewelry you own, so you can keep it safe and stop it from getting damaged.

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Get Into The Habit Of Storing Jewellery When Not Wearing It

You will want to get yourself into the habit of storing your jewelry correctly when you are no longer wearing it.

As such, it means when you take your jewelry off, you put it straight inside the container you are using to store it, whether that is a jewelry box or not.

Tips To Help Keep Your Antique Jewellery Safe When Not Wearing It

You will also want to keep your jewelry and jewelry box away from your cosmetics, so the jewelry does not get covered in your creams, lotions, and perfumes and potentially damage them.

Ensure that you have a cool and dry place to keep your jewelry and jewelry box, and you can help ensure that they remain in excellent condition for a long time to come.

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