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Tips to Ensure That Your Child’s Car Seat is Installed Properly

By Upliftingfam @upliftingfam

A car seat is one of the bigger expenses on your baby registery or it is something that you decide to purchase yourself. If you have ever walked down the isle at the baby store more than likely you are faced with an overwhelming decision. I realize that not every one is rich but having a car seat that meets your safety requirement should be your top priority. Did you know that car crashes are the number one reason why infants and young children are injured or killed? Today, I wanted to share with you some tips on how to keeping your baby safe with just a few simple steps.

Babies should always face rear of the car because their bodies aren’t strong enough to support themselves if they are facing forward if you were involved in a collision.  Researchers are even suggesting that infants and child under the age of 4 should remain rear facing as long as possible. I remember when my daughter was with me when I got rear ended. She appeared to be fine even though she was facing forward. Looking back, I wish that I would have kept her facing the rear of the car much longer. As she has gotten older, she has complained of back pain and I don’t know if it was from the initial car accident or if she injured it at a later date.
Disclosure:  This post is for informational purposes only.  Please take your car seat to your local police or fire station, for additional help installing your car seat.

Best Place to Install a Car Seat

Most parents realize that the safest place in a car is in the in the middle seat in the passenger area of the car or back seat. If your child is placed in the middle, it will prevent them from being impacted if you were involved in a collision especially if you were hit from the side.  Infants should rear face until they are at least 2 years old according the American Pediatric Association or hit the height and weight restrictions that are located on the car seat.

Ensure that the Car Seat is Level and Installed Properly

It is very important for parents to follow the car seat manufactures installation guide or directions when installing your chlid’s car seat.  It is very important that you use the level bar found on most of the newer car seats. The reason your child’s car set need to be level is to help support your baby’s head and neck properly, especially if they are unable to hold their head up on their own.  If you have having trouble getting the car seat level, try rolling up a towel or using a pool noodle.  If you are using a pool noodle, you can cut it to fit the car seat. Also, there is a helpful car seat group on BabyCenter that will help recommend the best car seat for your make and model of car. This group is awesome from what I have heard, they even helped parents in my birth group find 3 car seats including an infant seat to fit in the back of a Ford Focus. The car seat needs to be installed properly to protect your child in the event that you are involved in a car crash.  When installing the car seat,  you may have to have someone sit in the seat in order to put some weight on it so that you can make sure that it is installed securely.  The car seat shouldn’t move side to side when you try to move it.  If you are unsure, if the car seat is installed properly you can take it to the hospital, local fire department, or local police department.  They are usually willing to help ensure that your car seat is installed properly.

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