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Tips to Create Romance in Your Relationships

By Barbarajpeters @CouplesAuthor

tips to create romance in your relationshipsRemember to keep the Romance Alive

I have been called a real romantic by some, and I have certainly blogged about romance before. But now that I have published my first fiction novel, Never Too Old for Romance, the title is resonating. You might have heard that “spring is in the air”—well, this is truly the season for romance.

It’s time to do something special or unexpected for someone you love. You don’t have to, of course—but it’s fun, and love is what makes the world go round. What can you do that is romantic, beyond the traditional greeting card for Valentine’s Day? I’m sure that you sense that true romance isn’t just a box of chocolates, a dozen roses, or a diamond ring. Real romance isn’t a manufactured item. Rather, a show of passion is completely individual. Romance is an action, to let the person you love know that you’re thinking about him or her. What you do will come from your heart. There are no limits to romance; it can be shown by a handwritten note, by going for a walk, or even by making someone a sandwich. Romance is something simple and sweet that reminds your partner why you two fell in love in the first place.

It is all about taking a little time out of your day for your partner. Taking the time to create romance in your relationship is essential to having a fulfilling love life. Even if you aren’t sure your ideas are romantic, your partner will notice that you took the time to do something loving.

It is so worthwhile to keep romance in your relationship, that I would like to give you some tips to create romance.

1.   Surprise your partner with a cup of coffee brought to the bedside as a wake-up gesture.

2.   Give a ten-second hug or kiss—just because.

3.   Make time to be alone, without distractions (minus the dogs, kids, cell phones, laptops, and iPads).

4.   Ask your partner about his or her day with total attention and interest.

5.   Compliment frequently.

6.   Send a loving text message during the day.

7.   Leave a note saying “I love you” somewhere unexpected for your partner to find.

8.   Bring a little surprise home.

9.   Arrange a surprise date and plan ahead for child care, if needed.

10.   Bring flowers.

11.   Hold hands.

12.   Snuggle in bed.

13.   Kiss often.

14.   Say “thank you” often.

15.   This is one for you to create.

The message you give through these little gestures is clear: Time is love. Someday your kids will be grown and on their own; someday you may be lucky enough to retire; and then what? You will still have each other. So doesn’t it make sense to nurture your relationship to the fullest, so that it can be a lifetime gift? Romance keeps the fire lit.    

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