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Tips On Searching for an Apartment as A New Mom

By Decorology @decorology_blog
Finding apartments for rent isn’t easy. You worry about location, size and amenities. If you’re a new mom, you have even more to think about. Finding an apartment that works not only for you, but also for your baby is a top priority for new moms. Here are some things to look for during your apartment search.
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1. Location Location is a primary concern for all apartment seekers, but even more so for new moms. Getting an apartment close to work and day care is priceless. Babies require a lot of work and saving time is important. Look for rental properties near work, friends, relatives, and day care. Even if you pay a little more or if you have to accept a slightly smaller place, the advantages will likely far outweigh the drawbacks.
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2. Security Keeping your baby safe is on the top of the list for all new moms. Let’s say you’re looking for apartments in Orange County, for example. While this is a very nice area, crime isn’t negligible and having a secure entry point, gated or monitored parking, security cameras, and even an on-site security guard can really put a new mom’s mind at ease. There are plenty of other things for moms to be concerned about – security shouldn’t be one of them.
Tips On Searching for an Apartment as A New Mom
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3. Extra Space Contrary to what you might thing, babies actually take up a lot of room. New moms are always surprised at how much space such a little person needs. Think twice before deciding to have the baby share a room with you. New parents need some breathing room. Initially it may be nice to have the baby in your room, but after a while you’ll want the baby to have his or her own space so you don’t wake up startled at every little sneeze. You’ll also need plenty of space for diapers, a crib, baby clothes and lots and lots of fun baby toys!
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4. Storage Speaking of needing extra space, new moms will also want to check for extra storage space. Whether it’s a small garage area or big closet under the stairs, it’s a great idea to make sure you have space to store items that your baby has already grown out of, or hasn’t grown into yet.
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5. Safety Above all else, you want to find apartments for rent that are safe for a new baby. If you have to walk up a lot of stairs to get into your unit, it may be difficult to lug the stroller, baby seat, diaper bag and baby – and you certainly don’t want to leave the baby unattended while you run back for the second load! You’ll also want to check for upgraded appliances, new paint, and clean, up-to-date electrical wiring. Safety guards on outlets and other child-proofing features are a huge plus.

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