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Tips on Maintaining Your Gardening Wheelbarrow

By Mountain Publishing @mountainpublish
Tips on Maintaining Your Gardening Wheelbarrow

Garden Wheelbarrows are likely to be exposed to a lot of use often characterized with the rough rides and tasks.

This could include tasks ranging from hauling your soil, doing mulching to carrying around garden plants and debris among other tasks. Even at times, the wheelbarrow has to persevere and face the tough and harsh outdoor weather conditions while you are working on it.

This is why you need to maintain your wheelbarrow most efficiently and effectively possible for it to serve you better and enhance its lifespan while cutting down on possible replacement costs.

Garden Wheelbarrow Maintenance Tips

You are not done maintaining your wheelbarrow until you take into consideration these very important tips to help you maintain it for the most of the service you expect in your garden.

  • Always keep in your store a grease gun to regularly help you quickly lubricate your wheelbarrow axel bearings quickly and efficiently.
  • A dirty wheelbarrow is likely to experience slow depreciation while undergoing quick wear and tear. It is important you ensure after using your wheelbarrow you clean it on a regular basis. This will also assist you to minimize the chance of it rusting while in storage. You can apply anti-rusting applicants on its moving parts and nuts especially when it's likely to stay in the store for a long time.
  • While using your best wheelbarrow in the garden, avoid driving it through the rough ground, thorns, and debris to increase the longevity of its wheels. This will also ensure it serves you for a long time. Pump your wheelbarrow wheels to full capacity to increase wheelbarrow stability and avoid possible unnecessary deflation of the wheels while gardening. You can maintain of your barrow wheels inflated using a bicycle pump.
  • Always carry out regular oiling of any moving part of the wheelbarrow as often as possible. This will minimize again the wear and tear of the parts, cutting down repair expenses and at the worst situations, having to go for a new one altogether.
  • Do regular checks on the barrow nuts because sometimes they can get loose ad even fall off its body construction. Tighten them well in place as often as possible during your checks.
  • Ensure you store your wheelbarrow after using it in your garden in a dry and secure place for next use. It is imperative you tip the wheelbarrow up against your store wall after cleaning it for any further dying necessary, especially after cleaning it.

Other Factors To Consider

Avoid and repair holes that at times form on the bucket of the wheelbarrow for its reliable use

Paint it well, if necessary, to assist in controlling rusting of your garden wheelbarrow and increase its durability.

Check your barrow handles for regular cleaning to avoid them becoming slippery and slip off your hand while carrying out your gardening. Wipe them clean with a soft cloth. If your barrow handle is made of wood after some time use sandpaper to clean them up.


Gardening wheelbarrows need a lot of care and up to speed maintenance to keep them rolling smoothly while staying free of rust.

The bucket of the barrow is likely to get dirty while working in your garden, clean it often to scrap out any remaining dirt or mulch.

Taking care of your wheelbarrow shouldn't be difficult anymore. Take these steps into consideration to ensure you stay ahead of the challenges associated with poor wheelbarrow care. Ultimately you will keep it in good shape and use it for a long time.

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