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Tips in Protecting Your Home During Renovations

By Kravelv @kravelv

House renovations are incredibly essential if you want to maintain a home for longevity. After all, your house will go through various stages of disrepair as well as wear and tear. Some of us may consider these as our pet projects for when we have free time, but all too often, there are some certain repairs and renovations needed for our homes which we could not undertake on our own. This is why we hire the services and assistance of professionals—to ensure we are guaranteed of an excellent repair job.

However, unbeknownst to us but renovating or repairing your current home means that your house would be more susceptible to damage and destruction that any other time. Consider that there is a multitude of unstable conditions happening at one time in your homes such as dangerous machinery, incomplete structures, and unsecured property which could potentially lead to injury, accidents, fire or even theft. Additionally, for homeowners who have work during the day, you could not necessarily oversee the progress these workers are making on the renovations and apart from that, you are also allowing various contractors and workers access to your property which could possibly lead to loss.  Before you consider renovations, see the guidelines below on how to keep your home and your belongings safe.

1.)   Hire Trustworthy Workers

Large-scale renovations would require a lot of manpower so it would be inevitable for you to hire technicians and workers specializing in this field. However, this does not mean you should not be so selective when it comes to hiring for assistance. In fact, it is best if you are incredibly astute in the personnel you hire as this will lessen the likely incident of theft or botched finished projects. Steer clear from cheap labor you may have come upon on websites such as Craigslist or Facebook as there is no real security to this. Additionally, these workers may be unsavory and opportunistic thieves in the guise of workers scoping out for potential houses to raid.

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2.)   Enlist the Assistance of Your Neighbors

Monitoring the progress and safety of your homes during a renovation may seem like an implausible feat if you have a day job, but that does not mean you cannot enlist the help of your neighbor. Let your neighbor know beforehand that some renovations are being done to your home and let them know what time these workers will be arriving and where they will be working. This may seem inadequate to stop theft, but a sense of alertness will deter any potential attempted criminal activities.

3.)   Get to Know Your Workers

This ensures that there is mutual trust between worker and employer. Additionally, it does not take much on your part to establish a rapport with your workers and seeing as you are not the typical detached employer, your workers will be more motivated in doing work and as a result, renovations will be done much faster.

4.)   Limit Worker Access

Ensure that your workers would stay only in the area that needs servicing and not wander off to any of the other areas at home. Limit their access to areas of your home by keeping bedrooms locked (if no renovations are needed) or keeping any other area in no need of servicing locked. If your house is equipped with cameras, monitor the work done through these to ensure quality work.

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5.)   Keep Valuables Out of Sight

“Out of sight, out of mind” as they say and in this case it is very much relevant. All too often, the best deterrent in theft is to make sure you do not needlessly display valuables within plain sight as this is just basically akin to courting potential theft and loss. Keep valuables concealed and away from plain view and this might just be your best bet in safeguarding your home against loss during a renovation.

Opening your homes for renovations would certainly mean a risk but this is not to say that you should dismiss everyone as a criminal nor assume the worst in happening, but it does help if you are aware of certain necessary precautions to take if you are thinking of renovating. It is best to keep in mind that regardless of whether you are billeted in arca south or abreeza residences, renovations no matter how imperative should be done with your home and your safety’s belonging in paramount consideration.

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