Tips for Using a Suit That Every Man Should Know Of

Posted on the 30 July 2018 by Rick Diaz

A suit is a piece of clothing consisting of a neatly tailored jacket and matching trousers. Suits are official by design. They elude an air of formality, sophistication and demand respect. There is a saying that goes, ‘dress the way you want to be addressed’. When you wear suits, you will be addressed with more respect than you will be when wearing a pair of jeans.

Suits come in a variety of colors, styles, and designs. To be able to optimize the effect of a suit, you have to ensure you get the right type for yourself and the occasion. If you are new to the use of suits, below are some of the tips you can follow to ensure you optimize the use of your suits.

10 Tips For Wearing A Suit

  1. Button the inner shirt to the top: When wearing a suit with a tie, ensure your crisp, clean inner shirt is fully buttoned up to the top. This makes you look more sophisticated.
  2. Always leave the last button open: Always leave the last button of your suit jacket open. It is more modern and attractive. Fastening the last button makes your jacket look bulking. You do not want to look bulky.
  3. Unfasten button before sitting down: Before you take a seat, unfasten the button of your suit jacket. This stops it from squeezing on your inner shirt and crumpling it. It also gives your stomach space to breathe.
  4. The suit should be well fitting: To look best in your suit, it has to be tailored perfectly to suit your body size. The sleeves of the shirts should not be too long and neither should the trousers. The shoulders of the suit should fit your shoulders correctly. Say no too baggy suits.
  5. The more contrasting your tie is, the better: Matching a red tie on a dark colored suit and white shirt is perfect. A black tie on a black suit with a white shirt is also brilliant or a white tie on a black shirt.
  6. Wear moderate accessories: Cufflinks and wristwatches are all the accessories you need for a suit. You are strongly advised against wearing neck chains or bracelets on your suit. Also, do not wear a sports wristwatch on your suit.
  7. The darker the suit, the better: Dark colored suits such as black, dark brown, gray and dark blue suits are the best way to go. You cannot go wrong with a dark colored suit. Light colored suits, on the other hand, are tricky and sometimes, can take away the whole purpose of putting on a suit.
  8. Cover your ankles with socks: Wear long socks in your shoes that would cover up your ankles when your trouser comes up due to sitting, walking or squatting.
  9. Tie and waistcoat should be belt length: Your tie tip should be long enough to reach the belt on your waist. When putting on waistcoats, the waistcoat should also get to your waist.
  10. Do not wear a belt with suspenders: The use of suspender is to hold your trousers up while looking fashionable in the process. When wearing a suspender, you have no need to wear a belt too.

When you follow these tips, you’ll look dapper, organized, and neat every day.

Articles source: Men’s Ties online

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