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Tips for Successful Home Move in 4 Steps

By Wonderland57

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Moving step 1: Deposit your notice

Most leases require you to send your notice at least 3 months prior to your departure. Furnished flats are given 1-month notice. No reason is needed to leave your home, just think of sending your notice by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to your landlord or the real estate agency in charge of its management. Your notice can be formulated as follows:

First Name, Last Name, CITY, Date.

Mailing Address

Subject: notice of departure

receipt registered letter with


I come by this you mean my departure from the apartment I have held since the (. date) at (address). In accordance with the law I will leave the accommodation within 3 months after receipt of this letter.

I am at your disposal to agree on a date to realize the inventory of places of exit of housing.



Set the date of your move

The middle of the week is recommended, but house removal bromley recommend Sunday, for its many benefits:

Your friends are likely to be more available (especially if you warn them well in advance to block the date)

You avoid the days of delivery and the trucks in the middle of the street, that day it will be YOUR truck

Since businesses are generally closed, vehicles do not move as well, you will have more time and avoid considerable stress.

Moving step 2: Preparation

Do you want to hire professional movers?

It is important to have at least two quotes to make your choice. The options will also count. Professionals will take into account three elements to quantify your move:

  • The distance between the two houses (you stay in the vicinity, you change city, region, country?)
  • The volume to be moved
  • The options to which you wish to subscribe (dismantling of furniture, packaging, unpacking, etc.)
  • The movers may ask you to take charge of the administrative procedures regarding parking permits on moving Day.

Moving Step 3: Let’s go!

Prepare your boxes

Start with the items you need the least: garage, loft, winter / summer clothing depending on the season, paperwork, trinkets, …

Book some clothes, the latest kitchen utensils and the bathroom part for the end. The marker then becomes important! Remember to note on the cards the rooms to which they correspond (living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, …), you will save a lot of time during the unpacking.

Moving step 4: Preparing the inventory of fixtures

The boxes are gone, your accommodation is naked and now highlights the evenings watered he has hosted. So many memories in this apartment, in this house, that will surely jump in the eyes when the inventory of places of exit.

Restoration of your home

It’s time to pull out your screwdriver, hammer, brushes, and give your home the shine that will be required of him when handing over the keys.

Your tools remained in the boxes? You do not have time to do everything and need a helping hand? It is now time to call on House Removal Chelsea to order your moving pack

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