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Tips For Staying Safe In Severe Weather

By Melody Schubert @USATM
Tips For Staying Safe In Severe Weather
When planning your travels you pack all the necessities, and may listen to the weather forecast to see what's ahead. With that thought in mind, and all the severe weather we've had, I thought it was important to pass on these safety tips to help you and your loved ones be safe, and ready when the next storm strikes!
1. NEVER Stay In Your Car!
A tornado will not  necessarily produce hail or reveal expected traits; it’s part of nature – very unpredictable. And, it’s a fact that you should never stay in your car because they are notorious as death traps in tornadoes because they can be easily tossed, crushed or destroyed. Your best defense is to get off the highway and find a sturdy structure to shelter in, or, if you have no choice, lie flat in a low spot -far away from the road, and cover your head.
2. Watch and React to the Tornado
If driving on the highway or road, you can watch the tornado closely and compare its path to a fixed object nearby, such as a pole or tree. If the tornado appears to be moving right, go left and vice versa. Just be sure to put as much distance between you and the tornado. Should the tornado stay in the same place, and get bigger – it’s headed straight for you. If you can, get out of your car and find shelter. Should you be trapped in the car in a tornado, keep your seat belt on, get down low as possible away from the windows and windshield.
3. AVOID Under Passes and Bridges!
While some of have surveyed a severe storm or tornado by sheltering beneath under passes – these structures are NOT SAFE! In fact, many under passes and bridges may not have the structural integrity to withstand the storms. An example of the dangers is the tornado that hit on 3 May 1999 in Newcastle, and Moore OK. Two people were killed and several others injured when the tornado blew them out from under bridges on I-44 and I-35. Another gentleman was killed while sitting in his truck beneath a bridge later that evening.
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Have a safe and memorable trip wherever your travel take you!

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