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Tips For Spring Cleaning

By A Lot On Your Plate @ALotOnYourPlate

Tips For Spring Cleaning!

Tips For Spring Cleaning!

Make Spring cleaning fun!  Some find cleaning to be already be fun and therapeutic and that’s great, in fact, it’s encouraged! However, to some, Spring cleaning is time consuming and a lot of work, in which if you feel that way, this tip is for you!  If you feel Spring cleaning could go a lot faster if it were a team effort, why not try to get the family involved? Make a day out of Spring cleaning with music, snacks, the right supplies, and the promise of a reward at the end.  This could be a family pizza party, movie night, or even a bonus on allowance!

Where To Start:

Create a checklist!  Instead of just diving into a project of this size, sit down and create a list of all the items and rooms that you would like to clean and organize.  This will save time in the future.

Ideas For Your Checklist:

Dust.  Invest in a microfiber cloth or quality duster.  Dust light fixtures, lamp shades, blinds, sliding doors and other areas that may be often over looked.

Clean the windows.  Such a simple way to make a room look clean.  Using a rag (opposed to paper towels) and window cleaners to wipe the windows clean.  A rag can be re-used time and again and is also environmentally friendly.

Apply a fresh coat of paint.  If you have the time and the budget, throwing on a fresh coat of the paint is a great pick-me-up for any room.

Clean the walls.  If your walls are just in need of a little sprucing up, take a rag, some water and a little dish washing liquid and wipe down all areas that need to be cleaned.  Don’t forget to go around the molding of the house as well.

Organize.  Check out my new eBook Step by Step: Your Guide For Organizing Your Home and Your Life! for unique organizational tips! 

Wipe down your refrigerator and freezer.   Clean the outside of the refrigerator as well.

Clean the shower, faucets, and tiles.  Fun tip: using baby oil on faucets helps prevent water spots.

Wipe down all surfaces.  This includes mirrors, counters, table and dresser tops.

Toss empty cleaning supply bottles.  Restock  items that have run out or new items you would like to have.  Toss empty or no longer used products.

Deep clean, vacuum and treat floors. Did you know that you can rent a carpet cleaner from almost any big name super market?  Be sure to vacuum the rugs and carpets before deep cleaning.  Treat floors such as hard wood as well using wood conditioner and products specifically for wood to avoid damaging the wood.

Take the cleaning outdoors.  Don’t forget to tend to anything you may have outdoors like a patio, grill or garden.


Use supplies that wont harm your family.  A great example of cleaning brands that wont harm your health is Mrs. Meyers. Meyers is a chemical free, Earth friendly, cruelty free brand that only uses essential oils from flowers and herbs in their supplies.

Take inventory on what supplies you already have. If you are going to purchase new cleaning supplies, take note of what you have first.  This will help you avoid having too much of one supply and not enough or none of another.

Watch for coupons and sales.  Who doesn’t want to get the biggest bang for their buck?  Watch weekly circular coupons and ad sets to get great deals on cleaning products and supplies to make Spring cleaning easier than ever!

How do you Spring clean?  Feel free to comment below!  Be sure to check back for more cleaning and organizational tips from A Lot on Your Plate!

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