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Tips for Planning an Affordable Honeymoon

By Weddingblog2011

Do you want a fabulous honeymoon but are working with a tight budget? Check out some of these tips for planning an affordable honeymoon.

Not every couple has the luxury of spending a fortune on their honeymoon, so tips for planning an affordable honeymoon can really come in handy for the couple on a budget. Even if you have money put aside for your post-wedding trip or your family is helping you with the expense, there are always other ways you can spend that extra money you save from tightening your spending.

The money you save when you book your honeymoon can give you some extra spending money while you’re away, or it can help you catch up on bills when you return home, so it doesn’t hurt to try and find affordable options!

The following tips for planning an affordable honeymoon can help ensure you have that dream honeymoon you envision while saving a few pennies along the way.

Enter Sweepstake Contests—Okay, before you give the eye roll, seriously consider this option. There are more sweepstake contests out there for honeymoon prizes than you might think. Don’t just look at the big national or international contests found in large, commercial bridal magazines. Go to local bridal shows, look in your town’s magazines that cater to brides and visit small boutiques, and enter as many reputable on-line sweepstakes as you can.

Sign up for a Honeymoon RegistryHoneymoon registries are all the rage now, especially for couples who have a modest budget. These registries work just like regular wedding registries, only they give your guests the opportunity to gift you with funds specifically for your honeymoon trip. They can help pay for everything, including your accommodations, activities, and travel expenses.

Book a Trip During Off Season—Even if you’re getting married during the peak spring or summer season, consider delaying your honeymoon and traveling to the destination of your choice during the off season. Off season will vary for each locale or continent, so do your homework before you book your trip. You might see a drastic difference in airfare, rental car fare, and even hotel accommodations. This is one of the easiest tips for planning an affordable honeymoon.

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