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Tips for First Time Sellers on Amazon

Posted on the 11 October 2019 by Witselx9
Tips for First Time Sellers on Amazon

Are you one of the millions of people who aspire to become an Amazon seller? Check these tips to jumpstart your way to success. Here are the things you need to work on.

1. Be a Registered Amazon Seller

Amazon usually charges 15% for the selling commission while 99¢ for each sold item. As you decide to continue to grow your business and become a professional Amazon seller, you have to prepare for extra fees each month.

Amazon gives several benefits to pro-sellers, unlike individual sellers. The more they sell each month, the lower the expected fees will be. Pro-sellers are allowed to make listings for each item or product even if it is not yet sold on the platform. They can also make product bundles which greatly helps in boosting revenue.

2. Strictly Abide by the Rules

Amazon provides lots of rules and regulations for customers and sellers. Although they are as strict as eBay, Amazon has a more stable set of rules and regulations. Also, once you have already read the policies provided by the platform, you can easily comprehend it.

As a beginner, you have to abide by the rules. Otherwise, your account will be suspended.

3. Provide Competitive Pricing

The Amazon platform is viewed by millions of prospective buyers across the globe. If you want to compete, you can start by making your products' prices competitive. This means that you have to lower your product price and shipping fee. This way, you are a step ahead of your competitors.

4. Sell Unique Items or Sell Uniquely

This might not apply all the time, but selling an item that is unfamiliar but interesting and useful to people is a major turn on to prospective buyers. If you are the only seller of a particular item, you can easily get the buy box and attract many buyers.

If you are selling items similar to that of other sellers, think of creative ways to market the product. Make a unique bundle product that buyers can't resist.

5. Utilize Selling Tools to Boost Revenue

There are definitely selling tools better than jungle scout that you can utilize to increase your revenue in the first month as an Amazon seller. One of them is . Online selling tools take a little investment, right audience and reliability to jumpstart your success, but using various kinds of selling tools will help you boost your profit even in a month. Just make sure to choose the right tool that will suit your needs and target buyers.

6. Be Familiar With UPC Codes

UPCs or (Universal Product Codes) are not always constant. Some manufacturers change a product's UPC unpredictably, so as a first-time seller, you have to be responsible by ensuring that you are offering a product that has the same UPC listed on the platform. Make sure that you are selling the same item listed on Amazon, or else you will experience the hassle of item returns frequently.

7. Select High-Quality Images and Follow all the Image Guidelines Provided

Amazon requires sellers to post images that are at least 1006 pixels big. The reason for this is that the large image size lets the customers zoom the item. Aside from that, there are still several rules and guidelines on images that you should be aware of, like having a white background for all posted product images and many more.

8. Solicit Feedbacks

Amazon buyers do not always leave feedback after purchasing a product unless you ask them to. Soliciting feedback from your customers will let you know problems about a product and fix them as soon as possible. It can also help you improve the way you sell and the way you treat your customers. Most of all, soliciting feedbacks makes your customers feel that they matter in your business and they are valued.

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