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Tips for Deciding on the Perfect Honeymoon Location

By Weddingblog2011

After all of the wedding day planning is said and done, it’s time for more fun! Deciding on the perfect honeymoon location may be difficult, but here are some tips to help make things a bit easier.

No matter how meticulous you are when planning, deciding on the perfect honeymoon location or other big aspects of your wedding can be tough. There are no guarantees that it won’t rain during your outdoor ceremony, or that your gown will fit when you arrive for your final fitting. Little problems sneak up on even the most conscientious bride, and every wedding will run into obstacles; large or small.

When it comes to planning your honeymoon, though, nothing is more important to you than choosing the most romantic, exciting location for you and your new spouse. Going on your honeymoon is the one time you get to cross the threshold of marriage and celebrate your new life together. So, what do you do when you want to choose the perfect location and you want your plans to go through without a hitch?

Be Realistic, but Dream Big!

A key factor to consider when choosing your honeymoon destination is your budget. Even if you’re worn out from managing all of your ceremony and reception expenses, there’s nothing worse than planning a honeymoon based on a location you have your heart set on only to find out you can’t afford it, or that it will hurt your pocketbook when you return home.

If you don’t have financial help from family for your trip, alleviate some stress and avoid disappointment by shopping for a location that both you and your spouse can afford and will enjoy to the max. There are hundreds of dreamy yet realistic options out there!

What Makes You Tick?

Were you or your spouse-to-be an art history major? Have you been studying French with the hopes of becoming fluent? If you’re into art, history, and culture, consider a honeymoon location where you are interested in the country’s culture. If you are all about sports and the outdoors, opt for a tropical island or cozy Pacific Northwest retreat instead. Choose a location that represents your personality, interests, and passions, and you can’t go wrong. By keeping budget, interests, and activities in mind, a process of elimination will be able to help you decide on the perfect honeymoon location for you.

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