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Tips for Creating a Logo That Fits Your Product

Posted on the 10 March 2015 by Elizabethlmaness @elizbethlmaness

Tips for Creating a Logo That Fits Your Product

The power of a logo goes beyond brand recognition. With the right format, combination of color and white space, and a level of appeal specifically geared toward your chosen audience, you can create an image that reflects your business on multiple levels. With just one symbol you can convey a clear message about your company philosophy, a promise of the quality of your product, and a hint of what you hope your customers will feel as they do business with you.

Ask yourself questions such as: Who is my target audience? Am I sending one clear message? Do all of the elements of my design (shape, color, fonts) support that message? Do any of those elements detract from my message? Have I considered how well this image will transfer to smaller or larger formats? How will it look if it’s in black and white?

The decisions based on these questions and others are addressed in the infographic. Use this friendly and easy guide by Company Folders to run a few of your sketches through its “recipe” format and check your logo “ingredients” against the guidelines provided. With a simple yes/no format, the infographic makes it simple for you to find the aspects of your logo that might need to be tweaked just a little. Mix these elements together and discover the power that a successful logo can wield.


How to Design the Perfect Business LogoLearn how to create the perfect logo design

Have you got the perfect Logo?

If so, what’s your formula?

Did you just know it?

I’ve tried a ton of things but nothing makes me sigh or yell , “that’s it!”

Leave me a comment about how to improve my logo or how you found your favorite. I need help!

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