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Tips for Bridal Shoe Shopping

By Weddingblog2011

On the hunt for the perfect shoes to match your gown? Here are some tips to help you find the best shoes for your bridal ensemble.

Many brides underestimate the power of a good shoe on their wedding day and forego tips for bridal shoe shopping all together. Although your shoes might not be seen very much when they are hidden discreetly under the hem of your dress, they still make a big difference in your comfort and the appearance of your bridal ensemble.

Before you buy just any shoe style for your bridal ensemble, keep the following tips for bridal shoe shopping in mind:

Prioritize—Before you begin your hunt, start by prioritizing. This is one of the most important tips for bridal shoe shopping. Write down qualities that are important to you in a bridal shoe, such as heel height, color, comfort, and design. Do you want a shoe that can be dyed? Do you insist on wearing a stiletto? Do you want a vintage design to complement the birdcage veil you’ll be wearing? Know exactly what you’re looking for before you begin your shoe search.

Look for a versatile design—One surefire way to choose the perfect shoes for your bridal look is to select a versatile design. Choose a style that will work nicely with just about any gown style you choose. This will really come in handy in case you change your mind about your dress or accessories later on. Choosing a versatile shoe lets you play it safe rather than be sorry when unexpected wardrobe changes arise.

Keep your dress length in mind—Your wedding coordinator and seamstress will tell you enough, but that’s because it’s important! Typically, you’ll select your wedding gown before you even begin thinking about shoes, but that doesn’t change the fact that many brides forget to take their dress length into account when bridal shoe shopping.

Once you’ve attended a few fittings and your dress length has been fixed, you’ll need to be careful about your heel height. This is why it’s essential to select a shoe early on. Your seamstress will require you to bring the exact shoes you’re wearing to your fittings because any change in your shoes will alter the look and proper length of the dress. This is another important tip for bridal shoe shopping that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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