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Tips for Accommodating Your Vegan and Vegetarian Wedding Guests

By Weddingblog2011

Chances are you will have at least a few vegetarian or vegan wedding guests, so what is the proper wedding etiquette to meet their needs? Here are some tips to help you accommodate guests who do not eat meat or animal products.

While a majority of your guests won’t mind eating meat at your wedding reception, having some tips on hand for accommodating your vegan and vegetarian guests is important. Although it’s not necessary to accommodate your vegan guests, it is certainly considered a polite gesture to at least take their tastes and lifestyles into account if at all possible. Many couples want to accommodate their vegan and vegetarian wedding guests, but they aren’t sure where to start.

If your knowledge of vegetarian foods is limited, here are a few easy ways you can accommodate your vegan and vegetarian wedding guests:

Have a buffet-style dinner—A simple way to accommodate your vegan and vegetarian wedding guests is to have a buffet-style dinner instead of a sit-down dinner style. Arrange for your caterer to provide an extensive salad bar and a variety of food options to give your vegetarian friends plenty of choices. Even your meat-eating guests will enjoy this dinner style.

Provide alternatives—If you do not mind spending a little more on your catering budget, consider serving organic and humane-certified meat, dairy, and vegetable products. You can also cover all of the bases and simply serve everything completely organic or vegetarian-friendly. Indicate this in your invites and with a little sign on the dinner tables at the wedding so your guests are aware of this courtesy.

Communicate with your caterer—One of the best ways to accommodate your vegan and vegetarian wedding guests is to stay in constant communication with your caterer both before and during the wedding occasion. Let them know who is vegetarian, where your vegetarian guests will be sitting, and don’t forget to inform them of any last-minute seating changes. This will help your caterer and the waiters accommodate your vegan and vegetarian wedding guests accordingly while you focus on the other aspects of your big day.

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