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Tips and Tricks

By Shanlakes
Tips and Tricks
1.  When applying blush smile. Then gently rub it in starting up towards your ears first, and then down towards your jaw. The type of blush that will ALWAYS look the most natural is cream blush. You can rub it in so that your skin and the cream blend perfectly together to make it look like you are really blushing rather than just powder that sits on your face. I use this stick by Nars. {here}
2. To make your eyelashes longer: when applying mascara instead of putting it on in a straight motion, zig zag the wand from the bottom of your eyebrows all the way to the top 3-4 times.
3. Bad breath is the number 1 turn off for both men and women. Statistics show that the majority of the time people cannot tell when their breath is bad. Make sure to always keep mints or gum on you when you are going to be in close contact with other people. Also, when brushing your teeth make sure to brush your tongue in order to help eliminate bad breath.
4. Boys and girls: when your friend asks you about a guy they're dating don't say anything you can't take back. Ex: They're not really your type. If they're making your friend happy what does it matter what their type is? Clearly their type hadn't worked out too well for them in the past. Unless you see major red flags, let them do their thing!
5. Every concern you've had about birth control answered {here}
6. Experts say you should be exercising at least 160 minutes a week.
7. Even when you are in a relationship be sure to keep up your partners confidence. Tell them they look pretty/handsome, compliment them, encourage them when they do nice things, and keep up with doing all the little things.
8. Top 5 things guys notice when casually hooking up with a girl outside of general looks: breath, waxed/shaven or not waxed/shaven, that you always have a fresh manicure and pedicure, your texting etiquette, and your social media habits.
9. Taking a vacation will actually make you better at your job. (Yes you can fwd this to your boss!)
10. Be sure to never accidentally get perfume or hairspray on your face. This has been linked to break outs and at all ages! Also, be sure to change your pillow cases on the regular. Products from your hair and skin build up on your pillow, and sink into your face at night leading to clogged pores.
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