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Tips and Suggestions to Overcome Witching Hour

By Upliftingfam @upliftingfam

Does Your Baby Leave Your Feeling FrustratedIs witching hour leaving you frazzled?   Most babies around two weeks to three months old, may experience episodes of crying spells during the evening hours and your baby will be inconsolable.  No matter what you try, nothing seems to calm your baby down and you can’t figure out what is wrong.  You will find that the normal things that calm your baby down are no longer working and you are left feeling frustrated.  When you begin feeling frustrated, it is important that you remember that this is just a phase that your baby is going through and that this will soon pass.

Try These Tips and Suggestions to Overcome Witching Hour

Many parents try the usual things that normally calm their baby down; however, during witching hour most parents have no clue what else to try to help calm their baby down.  Try a few of these suggestions to attempt to calm your baby down so that you can get your baby to sleep.

  • Set up a Sleep Schedule- Try to set up a sleep schedule and stick to it.  This will prevent your baby from becoming overtired and prevent them from fussing for hours in the evening.  
  • SwaddlingSwaddling your baby can help your baby feel secure and  safe.
  • Movement – Most babies love to be held while being danced with, bounced, walked around with, or swaying.  Hold your baby close to your chest and try one of these movement ideas.  
  • Change of Scenery – Sometimes changing the scenery will calm your baby down.  So try going outside, into a different room, take them for a car ride, or try having someone else hold the baby for a little bit.
  • Gas – Gas can be very painful for a baby and they might need help working the gas out.  You can try using gas drops, gripe water, rub their tummy in a circular motion, try burping your baby, or using a bicycle motion with their legs.  Try one or a combination of these techniques to help your baby relieve gas pressure.
  • Dietary Changes – If your are breastfeeding, change your diet and see if you see a change in your baby’s mood.  Eating beans, gassy vegetables, milk, spicy foods, or caffeine may be irritating your baby’s tummy.  After eliminating these foods, give your baby a few days to determine if your dietary changes are helping.
  • Check Your Baby’s Temperature – If your baby is constantly crying, check your child’s temperature to rule out a possible problem.  Learn when you should worry about your infant’s temperature.
  • Bath – Try giving your baby a bath.  Sometimes the warm water will help relax and calm your baby down.
  • Infant Massage – Give your baby a massage using baby lotion.  Doing this after a bath can help relax your baby.  Massage also has other benefits as well.
  • Look for Hair – Many people don’t think to check their baby’s fingers, toes, and if you have a little boy check his penis.  Sometimes a piece of mama’s hair will get wrapped around your baby’s fingers, toes, and little boy parts causing their circulation to be cut off or it causes pain.
  • Take Baby To the Doctor – If none of these tips and techniques help calm your baby down, take your child to the doctor to rule out possible medical condition that would cause your baby to cry uncontrollably for hours on end.

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