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Time to Go Home

By Sherwoods
Joseph and I are waiting at the Heathrow Airport for our flight to Istanbul, and then on to London.  He's very happily playing in a lovely indoor play area (bless whoever realized that children - and by extension everyone within half a mile of them - are happier when they don't have to sit quietly while waiting for their flights) and I'm enjoying being able to talk to just about everyone I meet.
He had his last appointments on Thursday and we've just been waiting to go home ever since.  After a lot of tests, his GI doctor ruled out any reason that Joseph should be having problems and decided that he's just gotten into a habit of involuntary regurgitation.  Evidently this is a thing.
I would be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy my time in London immensely.  Joseph is a very pleasant traveling companion - old enough to talk and (sometimes) reason with, but not so old that his feelings are hurt when I'd rather read a book than talk to him.  We've had a great time visiting all of the playgrounds in central London area and I've made my way through four books.  Joseph has enjoyed riding on trains, buses, taxis, and even a boat one day.  I've enjoyed finding a very tasty French restaurant half a mile from our hotel and eating there for our last five nights in town.  We've both enjoyed spending our time with nothing much to do but amuse ourselves.  We've had dessert every night and enjoyed things you can't get in Dushanbe like blueberries and asparagus.  Joseph has had a banana for breakfast every morning.
I think that I would have enjoyed this time less if I were alone instead of having Joseph to keep me company.  I've had to take care of him and had someone to talk to and he's given me an excuse to sit around at parks a lot.  We've had a great time together and I think we'll both remember our time in London fondly.
But now it's time to go home where my responsibilities are greater than finding out how to get to the next new park and where to eat dinner.  I have five people who have been missing me and even more, missing my presence keeping everything running the way they're used to.
So, back to real life.  But London was fun while it lasted.

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