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Time Saving Healthy Breakfast Recipes

By Sweetpeasandsaffron

These time saving healthy breakfast recipes will make early mornings so much easier! Prep them ahead and you are set for the week.

Time Saving Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Morning zombies, I’m looking at you!

Is breakfast the last thing on your mind when you’re scrambling to get out the door in the morning? Do you skip breakfast, then devour a giant sugary muffin later in the morning? <–This? This was me. Finding meal prep was a big game changer in my morning routine.

I’m sharing my favorite time saving healthy breakfast recipes today. Whether you spend an hour stocking the freezer with breakfast burritos, or ten minutes making a batch of overnight oats, you are not going to regret it!

I have healthy breakfast ideas for everyone, whether you are craving something sweet, or something savory. Maybe you are not a breakfast person and just want a simple smoothie? I’ve got you covered. Maybe you are cooking for a house full of hungry teenagers? I’ve even got a couple of big batch breakfast casseroles for you.

Let’s check these healthy breakfast recipes out!

Time Saving Healthy Breakfast Recipes; smoothie packs ingredients in mason jars

1. Frozen Smoothie Packs

It might seem silly, but assembling your smoothie ingredients ahead as frozen smoothie packs means that all you need to do in the morning is to shake them all out into the blender, add your liquid and blend away.

Don’t reach for the disposable plastic bags, grab a few pint mason jars and you are good! Here are 5 Frozen Smoothie Packs to start you off!

Time Saving Breakfast Ideas; pot of steel cut oats

2. Big Batch Oatmeal

One of my favorite healthy breakfast ideas is to make a big batch of steel cut oats, portion it out, and re-heat on weekday mornings. Here are Seven Healthy Steel Cut Oats Recipes. We make a double batch in our Instant Pot and it lasts for 3-4 days.

Time Saving Easy Breakfast Recipes; egg muffins in muffin tin

3. Baked Eggs

If you prefer a savory breakfast, consider making a batch of Healthy Breakfast Egg Muffins for easy breakfasts on the go. You could also go the way of a frittata (like this Herb Zucchini & Kale Egg Bake), which can be portioned out and reheated.

Time Saving Healthy Breakfast Recipes; breakfast parfaits in jars

4. Parfaits

Parfaits are one of my favorite breakfast ideas because you can go wild and customize them based on your tastes, and they are so easy to grab on your way out the door. I shared my Berry Quinoa Yogurt Parfaits, and you could add some protein powder for an even bigger boost of protein. Swap out the fruit, add some granola, nuts or seeds…there are a million ways you can change these up.

Time Saving Healthy Breakfast Ideas; baked oatmeal cups on cooling rack

5. Baked Oatmeal

If you need a grab and go breakfast, baked oatmeal is your friend. Check out these 7 Easy Baked Oatmeal Muffins. These babies come together before the oven has even pre-heated.

Time Saving Easy Breakfast Recipes; sausage breakfast bowls in meal prep containers

6. Savory Breakfast Bowls

Meal prep bowls are not just for lunches! Cook them ahead and re-heat in the morning!  Here are some breakfast ideas:

  • Tofu Scramble with Breakfast Sweet Potatoes
  • Make Ahead Healthy Sausage Breakfast Bowls
  • Sweet Potato Breakfast Meal Prep Bowls
  • Meal Prep Veggie & Egg Breakfast Tacos

Time Saving Healthy Breakfast Recipes; fruit on the bottom overnight oats stacked in glass jars

7. Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are such a great time saving healthy breakfast recipe because they come together so quickly…as in under 10 minutes! Easy to customize and grab on your way out the door. Check out my favorite Fruit on the Bottom Overnight Oats, and if steel cut oats are your jam, check out these Overnight Steel Cut Oats.

Time Saving Healthy Breakfast Ideas; pouring eggs over the overnight breakfast casserole

8. Breakfast Casseroles

If you are cooking for a crowd, but want to save time in the morning, check out these healthy breakfast casserole recipes! All the prep work is done in the evening before, then you can pop them in the oven the next morning for easy breakfasts. You can also bake these up on the weekend and re-heat for easy breakfasts on week days.

Here are a couple of time saving overnight breakfast casseroles:

  • Overnight Breakfast Casserole with Bacon and Sweet Potato
  • Blueberry Overnight French Toast Bake

Time Saving Healthy Breakfast Recipes; kale feta breakfast burritos cut in half and stacked

9. Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast burritos are one of my favorite time saving healthy breakfast recipes because they are freezer-friendly, packed full of protein, and easy to sneak some veggies in!

Here are some breakfast burrito recipes:

  • Healthy Breakfast Burritos with Kale, Mushrooms and Feta
  • Southwestern Sweet Potato Breakfast Burritos
  • Healthy Breakfast Burritos with Zucchini and Lentils

Time Saving Healthy Breakfast Recipes; freezer breakfast sandwiches stacked

10. Breakfast Sandwiches

Skip the drive thru and the HUGE amounts of sodium with your own homemade breakfast sandwiches…these are so easy to prep ahead and freeze!

I have four freezer breakfast sandwiches on the blog!

  • Spinach Feta Breakfast Sandwiches
  • Herbed Cauliflower Breakfast Sandwiches
  • Mushroom Bacon Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches
  • Copycat Starbucks Egg White Breakfast Sandwiches

Time Saving Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Time Saving Healthy Breakfast Recipes

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