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Tilquin Oude Gueuze 2010/2011

By I Think About Beer @ithinkaboutbeer

Tilquin Oude GueuzeGueuzerie Tilquin burst onto the scene a few years ago with an outstanding, new Gueuze that quickly got the beer world talking about this new Gueuze blender.  If you’re not aware, a blender doesn’t brew their own beer, but buys it from other Lambic breweries then ages it in their own barrels.  The beer is wort that has just been inoculated via a coolship at the brewery then is shipped to the blender.

Pierre Tilquin started Gueuzerie Tilquin in 2009, making him the first new Gueuze producer in over a decade.  Being a French-speaking Walloon, he located his blending operation in Bierghes (Rebecq as it’s called in French) which is 200 meters from the official linguistic line in Belgium (the line between the Flemish speaking and French-speaking portions).  Pierre holds a PHD in Statistical Genetics and is a bio-engineer.  Once he got the bug to start making beer, he trained at Huyghe Brewery (maker of Delirium Tremens), 3 Fonteinen, and Cantillon.

Currently, Tilquin is using wort brewed at Boon, Cantillon, Girardin, & Lindemans.  His gueuze batches have thus far been spectacular.  Additionally, Tilquin is one of the few Gueuze makers producing a draft version of his Gueuze, a few keg their fruit Lambics but not their Gueuze.  The 2010/2011 bottling was the first batch available in the US.

Appearance: Hazy straw blonde, white, ok retention.

Aroma: Pineapple, lemon, earthy notes, vanilla, lime, barnyard notes.

Taste: Earthy, lemon/lime, herbal, peppery.  Sharply acidic.

Overall Impression: Tilquin has quickly moved to the top group of Gueuze producers.  Sour with a long finish, this is an exceptionally well craft Gueuze.  It strikes a nice balance between the fruity and funky flavors.  Pierre Tilquin is truly a rising star in the world of Belgian Beers and Lambics.  Treat yourself and try this new blender’s beers, they’re excellent!

Availability: Sort of limited due to smaller production. Imported by 12% Imports.

6% ABV

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