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Till “Speed Divorcing” Do Us Part

By Datecoachtoni @CoachToni

There’s a new resource being offered to all those overworked, stressed-out couples who want a divorce but don’t have the time and energy to get it done. Lisa Decker, a certified divorce financial analyst (whatever that is) came up with this idea and it looks like it could be a lucrative one.

The idea is to hold “speed divorcing” events (like speed dating- but on other end of a relationship) that bring together a whole array of professionals who are usually consulted by divorcing couples. The couples (or individuals) can then meet with each of these divorce specialists for 15 minutes to see if their services are needed or would be useful. Great for the lawyers, mediators and financial advisors who attend- and a time and energy saver for the would- be divorced. Now when couples have decided they want out, they don’t have to spend a lot of time talking, reflecting, or seeking assistance and advice that could lead them to reconsider and perhaps reconcile.

What’s next? Drive through divorce?

Call me a hopeless romantic or optimist or whatever- but when we enter into a marriage contract we use words like “for better or worse,” and “till death do us part.” Maybe marriage vows should be rewritten in conditional language, something like, “till it gets too hard, boring, too stressful, unexciting,” and so on.
Weddings are taking longer to plan, are more costly and elaborate- and are seen as an end goal unto themselves. Perhaps we should skip all the gowns, flowers, wedding parties, brunches, rehearsal dinners, after brunches, destination wedding weekends- and all the other trimmings that eager Bridezillas/Groomzillas expect and quietly go before a minister or justice of the peace. Then, we could hold yearly celebrations marking the road we have traveled successfully together, and making each year a bigger deal then the one before.

Bridal industry folks would take a serious hit- but maybe they could open niche businesses that cater to anniversaries celebrating another successful year together.

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