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Tiger Woods, Say Cheese! Hey Mickelson, This Call is for You!

By Golfforbeginners
In this technically advanced world in which we live, although I can understand the PGA Tour enactment of a policy allowing cell phone use on select areas of the golf course, I'm certain there are going to be growing pains.
PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, has been chosen as the first golf event which will officially implement the new cell phone policy.  A mobile device has to be set to "silent" mode and text/pictures/calls (no video) can be sent in order to "enhance" the overall fan experience...again, in designated areas only!
Practically speaking, Andy Pazder, PGA Tour Chief of Ops, states that the new policy is meant to allow fans to "stay connected to business and family." With mobile devices like the iPhone and my Droid X, I can now complete most work-related concerns (even post simple blogs) during an event.
The best part of allowing mobile devices at tournaments is that I will also be able to post updates to Twitter and Facebook after coming across Phil Mickelson leaving the practice green! Maybe I can catch a photo of him at the burger stand!
On the flip side, here are a few problems which could occur during a PGA Tour event allowing mobile devices:
1. Forgot to set mobile device to silent. "Oops, sorry," blushes the guy next to the tee box after Tiger Woods swings and hooks his shot into the woods..."Uh Tiger, my friend saw me standing behind you on the tee and wanted me to wish you good luck."
2. Fans bumping into each other. It happens on the streets of New York, it will certainly happen walking from the leaderboard to the clubhouse as people attempt to send the latest golf news to friends confined to their desk during work hours.
3. Social media overload. I get the "Twitter is over capacity" pasted across my screen at least twice a day. Now imagine the inability to get your tweets across...utter panic for the internet saavy. More bandwidth needed!
4. Claim check frenzy. Some fans at Torrey Pines, it was reported, had their phones taken away and were given claim checks. All phones look alike...imagine trying to find one on a Sunday.
5. The "I didn't realize..." a fan favorite excuse!
I'm sure there will be more than a few fans in the crowd who will breach the photo rule. (I've got a Nikon camera with 3x zoom and I'm within picture distance of Tiger. Just one shot...who'll notice?)
Tiger Woods Texting  
Tsk, tsk... doesn't that golfer know that texting is not allowed during competition?  ;-)
In order to avoid the "I didn't realize" excuse, here is the the new PGA Tour policy regarding cell phone use.
As the PGA Tour continues to implement the mobile device policy for future events, it will be easier to make revisions and a great aid to the Tour. More security will be needed to enforce the new rules but, if the PGA Tour was looking for a way to spread the word of professional golf through the internet, they have come upon an eventual win-win situation.
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