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Tiffany & Co - TIF

Posted on the 26 September 2011 by Divstkforcomman @DivStkForComMan
Diamonds are a girls best friend, right? Well my best friend is a dividend paying stock which will be around for when I'm old and gray. Continuing to pay me cash to hold their shares. Although Tiffany & Co., stock ticker TIF, is currently only paying a $0.29 per share, dividend yield of 1.66% I must assure you that holding such a great company in your Roth IRA stock portfolio will safeguard against an economic downturn. I believe they will continue to increase their quarterly dividend again and again. Yes, Tiffany & Co. is the highest end manufacture of jewelry and it would be must cheaper to go to Piercing Pagoda, Sears or Zales to pick up jewelry for your wife or loved one, however in stock terms, you need to invest in the best because your future depends on it! Sound decision making is key!
Charles Lewis Tiffany founded TIF in 1837 when he opened a store at 259 Broadway in downtown Manhattan. It is listed that his first day receipts were $4.98.  Their current market capitalization is 8.9 billion. $4.98 to $8,900,000,000. Enough said.
In short, TIF is holding company. They conduct their business through its subsidiary companies, one of which is Tiffany & Co. TIF sells fine jewelry and other items that it manufactures or has been made by others. Segments include North and South America, Japan and Europe. Its Asia-Pacific and Europe segments are included in the Other. TIF's service center is in Parsippany, New Jersey. The current corporate structure was established in 1984, when Tiffany & Co. was incorporated in Delaware to purchase the original company. TIF also sells timepieces, sterling silver and leather goods, fine china, stationery and perfume. All of the stuff your wife desires!
Walk into a Tiffany & Co store and tell me it isn't busy. They were even busy back in late 2008 when the Great Recession was running on all cylinders. The little blue box has special powers, literally. It allows TIF to charge more for the same item than their competitors, which is their competitive advantage. The high-end retail segment's is coming back faster than the rest of retail. Tiffany's one of the most recognizable brands in luxury.
Seriously consider adding TIF to your portfolio for the long term. If you invest in TIF you will not need to worry about whether you are covering the fine retail jewelry sector. Click here to visit Tiffany & Co's website and here to visit their Investor Relations website. Also, watch the videos below. Tiffany's marketing team are geniuses at luring in customers. I hope you had a great investing day!

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