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Tick, Tock, Glock

Posted on the 23 July 2014 by Mikeb302000
One of the problems with the gun violence debate is that it tries to be scientific in how it presents the issue.  That works well if you just want to go by numbers.  But numbers don't always get the point across.
The "pro-gun" side has used emotion (fear) to get its point across for ages.
The blog "Thoughts at Large" came up with a really great post, Tick, Tock, Gloc, which poins out how the numbers play out:
According to the Brady Campaign, on average, for the five most recently available years for which statistics are available, every day in America there are:
291 people in America are shot (including 52 children (ages 0-19) 87 people die from gun violence: 32 are murdered (including 6 children) 51 kill themselves (including 2 children) 2 die unintentionally 1 is killed by police intervention 1, intent unknown 205 are shot and survive: 148 shot in an assault (including 34 children) 10 survive a suicide attempt (including 1 child) 45 are shot unintentionally (including 9 children) 2 are shot in a police intervention  If we take these numbers and divide them equally over the course of a day, this is an average day in America.
The rest of the blog does a good job of how this plays out in reality.
Now repeat this, every day, until enough of us demand a better society.

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