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…tick ‘em off

By Zer @the2women

…tick ‘em offThere are few certainties in life,but death, taxes, and people getting upset about changes on Facebook are among them.

I recently warned you of the soon to arrive multiple click options, but Facebook has already mixed it up with new, different, and throng rousing features.

One in particular has stirred a portion of the masses to voice their complaints (about a free and voluntary service).

The offense: The addition of a real-time news ticker on your homepage.

The explanation (what that means): It tells you what your “friends” are posting as their posting it in real-time.  Basically it’s like the scrolling text at the bottom of the screen on C-Span, but instead of world news, it’s TMI from all of your closest Facebook “friends.”

The complaint: Privacy invasion.

The solution: I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of the constant stream of posts and status updates from everyone I’m “friends” with on Facebook.  If I wanted to know everything that everyone was doing I would do it the old-fashioned way and Facebook stalk them on their own page.

The concern here is that Facebook is sharing too much about users’ activity on the site.  For instance, it might share a comment you post on a friend’s wall. One that you might not want another “friend” to see.

To those who feel their right to privacy is being violated by this unrelenting and up to the moment updating by Facebook I have some advice for you.

Last I checked Facebook wasn’t requiring you to post on your friend’s wall, or upload every single photo you’ve ever taken, or keep everyone up to date on your personal issues, of the drama-ridden variety and otherwise.

So the solution here seems simple: if you don’t want Facebook to share the post you shared on Facebook, don’t post it on Facebook.

When Facebook starts prying into your personal files or constantly posting TMI about their private matters on Facebook then get back to me.

In the meantime, I find being completely unsearchable on Facebook solves most problems.  Works for me.


“Does Facebook’s New Ticker Tell Too Much?”: MSNBC

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