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Thursday Things

By Mollyalice @mollyalicehoy

1. If you’ve yet to gather that I am currently caught up in the throes of VeganMoFo, then I apologize for having failed you as a blogger. So far, my participation hasn’t effected too many changes in my day-to-day routine other than upping my already obsessive rate of pageview-checks-per-day.

thursday things

2. It’s official — I have Irlen syndrome. After getting tested over the weekend, I now get to schedule a second appointment to determine my perfect lens shade before my glasses can get shipped off and tinted. Hopefully, in less than a month I will be sporting some Bono-worthy specs AND spontaneously gain the ability to speed read, easily mount and dismount escalators, and sit under the fluorescent lights at the laundromat without wanting to go all Oedipus on my eyeballs.

3. While we’re on the general topic of unpleasant things, we’ve been hit with yet ANOTHER heat wave this past week. I can tell it’s beginning to wane, but still, this is NOT October weather!

thursday things

3. My friend Dan lent me the books Fun Home & The Arrival this week (since graphic novels are so much easier for me to read than regular books — thanks, Irlen syndrome!). It’s been nice to have some new reading material, especially since only a handful of my books followed me out here. I would really recommend Fun Home, and am debating whether or not it would be worth it to spring for my very own copy.

4. LA Ink is one of my not-so-guilty pleasures, so I’ve been marathoning it ever since I saw that season 4 was available on Netflix. It even inspired me to start sketching up one of the tattoos I have planned:

thursday things

If you can’t tell what that is (which, I would be AMAZED if you could!), it’s the autumn scepter from Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure. It might sound kind of dopey, but it has a lot of meaning to me personally, so I’m hoping to get it inked on me permanently sometime in the next few years!

5. Besides the tattoo design, I’ve been getting back into drawing a lot over the past few weeks. I’m working on a comic project for a former professor of mine, which is more than a little intimidating since it’s been almost 3 years since I’ve seriously drawn. It’s been easy to get back into the swing of it, and I don’t feel too rusty, but my poor drawing callous has been reduced to a fleshy piece of nothing after so many years of disuse. I have to keep a bandaid on it just to hold a pencil!

6. I’ve sent out my resume to another place this week. Hopefully something comes of that, since it’s a job I’m actually wholeheartedly interested in. It’s so nerve-wracking to send resumes off into the abyss, never knowing if I’ll hear anything back. But I guess we’ll see. In the meantime, I’ve got plenty of MoFo-ing to keep me busy!

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