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Thursday Things

By Mollyalice @mollyalicehoy

1. Guess who forgot it was Thursday?

… not me, actually. I’m just getting this out late because I’m lazy. Plus I’m taking a bit of a hiatus from background work for the next few weeks. I’m an introvert, so all these 12-hour days are really starting to wear on me. Time for a break!

2. Who caught the opening ceremonies on Friday? I wasn’t able to watch it live, but my friend Joel managed to download it — the British version, no less. I heard that the American commentary was not the best, so I was glad I didn’t have to endure it.

3. Speaking of the opening ceremonies, did anyone catch the new Apple commercials that premiered that evening?

thursday things

… more specifically, did anyone catch the top of my head peeking out from under a certain Apple genius’ armpit?

4. I’m sure everyone’s DYING for me to weigh in on yesterday’s Chick-Fil-A kerfuffle. Let’s just say I didn’t go, and I did my best to stay off Facebook and avoid people’s sometimes hurtful statuses. It’s hard to keep from taking it personally when my friends are proud to support a cause that directly aims to deprive people like me of civil rights. I will, however, say that I think it’s pretty silly that people are all up in arms over a bunch of chicken. It’s times like these I’m grateful to be vegetarian.

5. Remember last week when I threw down the roach gauntlet? Yeah, I’m pretty sure I just made them angry. The roach kill count is now at 21 and it’s making me a bit crazy. My father assures me that this sudden surge means they’re getting sick and dying, so I guess I’ll give it another week.

6. I have had this song stuck in my head for two weeks solid. Am I bragging or complaining? Hmm…

7. I’m doing an unscheduled, unwelcome fridge purge this week after spending 14 hours without electricity in my apartment. It was a pretty miserable experience, especially since my place heats up so quickly without some sort of airflow. I’m sure I built some sort of character during the experience…

thursday things

8. On a high note, my Teal Cat Project kitty arrived today! I’ve been wanting to get one for almost a year, but could never snag one before they sold out. Score!

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