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Thunderbolts Project - Huge Quasar Cluster Refutes Big Bang Theory

Posted on the 21 February 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
"Distance is proportional to redshift," in contemporary Big Bang theory. I really don't like this because it means that 'relatively distant objects' are moving apart at somewhere close to LIGHT SPEED with/without any accelerational concerns or LOGIC.
But what to make of the 'Huge Quasar Cluster' and how can their proximity account for their extreme red-shift value, based on the Big Bang i.e. gravitational, model of the universe?

As you know, Hertzan Chimera Unit (also an electrical i.e. state oscillation) theory suggests that red shift is associated with 'age' i.e. we only deal with 'fresh light' beside our sun. Everthing might be A LOT CLOSER than we've come to believe for decades since the Neo-Religious (Military-funded) Science Community got into our heads. The electric (plasma) universe also predicts these kinds of insanely red-shifted quasar type effects.
Sure, you've not heard of the Electric Universe on your MAINSTREAM MEDIA NEWS OUTLET. Go figure...

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