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Thrown For A Loop (and Blendtec Promotion)

By Dreenaburton @dreenaburton
Thrown For A Loop (and Blendtec promotion)Hi guys. I'll be back in a few.  Been thrown a bit of a curveball in our household, and am prettay preoccupied.
Until I return, I forgot to let you all know about Blendtec's July promotion.  There is free shipping for US customers (and a $25 discount toward shipping cost to Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska).  Link through to browse, and you can use the code "JULYFREESHIP" at checkout.  For those of you new to my blog, I use my Blendtec for everything from green smoothies to nut-based sauces and raw dressings to pie fillings and ice creams and more.  
p.s. the new "WildSide" model  (ie wildside jar to fit standard base) is fabulous for large batches of smoothies and other mixes.
And, how about wishing me some change of luck for what has been quite a challenging first half of 2011?  Please, could use it!  Ok, back soon...

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