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Throwback Weekend

By Thinkibility


Wishing our readers a great weekend with some of our most popular blog post and personal favourites. Relax and Enjoy!

What are:

The fringe benefits of quitting, the hidden power of not finishing, not saying yes and starting new.”

A positive approach where previous ideas were used as a foundation to develop solutions for sustainable product innovation and business models. Gunter Pauli believes that every idea and solution can be improved upon.

  • Inspired by beauty

To understand science does not detract from the poetry of nature, and biomimicry can be described as one way of uncovering the poetry of nature.

  • Innovations that complicates things

Can you make a list of 10 innovations that would help you to complete a marathon?

  • Visualisation

Where do you search for ideas on reflection and ways to enhancing your awareness? How do you visualise the thinking steps to be taken to solve a problem?

  • Art

Imagine that you would design an art museum, how would you hang the paintings? And what would you write on the notes that are placed beside the artworks?

Happy Thinkibility Reading and Think Diving

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